"Kilk" sits astride the Atlantic Highway and has a history that goes back many centuries, reflected by the burial grounds that are to be found on land around the parish. Today, it offers a variety of small shops, businesses, visitor attractions, and Inns and Cafes to service the refreshment needs of theAtlantic Highway traveller.

Kilkhampton church was probably rebuilt in the late 15th Century, but retains a magnificent south doorway constructed in about 1130 and, inside, some fine Tudor oak bench ends.

A short and pleasant walk across country from the village takes you to the site of Kilkhampton Castle, which is under the care of the National Trust.

Past Times
The dwellings and businesses of Kilkhampton were developed over the years to support a largely agriculture based populace. Not so long ago, "Kilk" was a busy centre for various country markets and annual fairs.