Westward Ho!


The only town in England to be named after a novel... and also the only town with an exclamation mark after its name.

Building here has often been very speculative with the inevitable result. However, Westward Ho! offers a great variety of self-catering opportunities.

The sands here stretch to the mouth of the Torridge and Taw Estuary, reinforced by a 4 kilometre long pebble bank. Underneath these sands have been found the remains of Stone Age food, including shells and a variety of bones. The pebble bank protects Northam Burrows Country Park which consists of some 250 acres of sand dunes and pasture land. A natural habitat for many varieties of flora and fauna. "Bloody Corner" commemorates King Alfred's victory over the Danes and is the burial place of King Hubba the Dane.

Literary Connections
Westward Ho! by Charles Kingsley 1855

Rudyard Kipling went to the United Services College that used to be in Westward Ho!, and his time here is said to be very influential in the book "Stalky & Co".